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ImageA number of cutting-edge neuroscience methods have tremendous potential to help patients suffering from disorders of the nervous system. An EU-funded project is working to facilitate collaborative research, with the aim of better understanding cognitive impairments and improving patient outcomes.
ImageAn EU-funded project to develop a super-resolution microscope platform capable of visualising DNA, mRNA and proteins in living cells could advance regenerative medicine, potentially leading to breakthroughs in replacing or restoring diseased or malfunctioning human cells, tissues or organs.
ImageNovel therapies being developed by EU- and industry-funded researchers could prevent and cure rheumatoid arthritis by tackling the autoimmune disease in the very early stages, before debilitating symptoms occur.
ImageMedical practitioners are increasingly adopting a 'personalised medicine' (PM) approach involving individually tailored patient care. An EU-funded project is fostering collaboration on PM research and training, with special emphasis on the prevention of chronic diseases.
ImageAn EU-funded project has developed a technique to design and synthesise highly stable proteins. The approach enables proteins to be made from scratch, tailored to carry out specific tasks for advances in fields such as biomedicine and biotech - boosting Europe's competitiveness.
ImageAdvanced imaging technologies are revolutionising biological and biomedical science. An EU-funded project enabled researchers worldwide to better access cutting-edge biological and medical imaging technologies, to accelerate the great societal benefits this technological revolution will provide.
Virus collections are vital resources for understanding the basis of diseases and formulating control strategies. An EU-funded project is developing an easily accessible global archive of pathogens - a way of boosting research into protecting human and animal health.
ImageWith a better understanding of how Klebsiella Pneumoniae evades our body's immune system, researchers with the EU-funded U-KARE project are developing new treatments based on boosting our defences against the potentially deadly disease.
ImageHumankind has always had a fascination with the brain - how it develops, how it works and how things can go wrong. By tracking a neuron's path through the brain, neuroscientists with the EU-funded MOMECODE project have given us new insight into how the brain develops.

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