Setting up of the European Liquid Biopsy Society (ELBS)

undefinedThe setting up of the ELBS is progressing (see attached letter from Pr. Klaus Pantel). Its main goal is to foster the introduction of liquid biopsy into clinical practice but it is also concerned with encouraging interactions between academia and industry, providing a partner for regulatory agencies, healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups, supporting the implementation of liquid biopsy tests into clinical trials, developing guidelines and providing training in liquid biopsy for medical scientists, disseminating the knowledge about liquid biopsies to the medical community through regular symposia, publications and press release, and more generally, increasing the visibility of Europe as leading hub for liquid biopsy research.

Drafts for the undefinedbylaws and undefinedmembership application were previously sent and further feedback would be appreciated. The person to send your comments by 16th December 2018 is Dr Natalie Reimers (

Please note that a kick-off meeting is being planned in spring, with 2 possible dates (29-30 April or 2-3 May 2019). Could you please communicate your availability to Dr Natalie Reimers?

Thank you.


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