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Martin Scholz LEUKOCARE

Prof. Dr. Martin Scholz


Principal Investigator

Phone: +49 (0)89 7801665 10




Leukocare AG


Am Klopferspitz 19

82152 Martinsried/Munich




Dr. Roland Kirchner


Project Leader




Company presentation

LEUKOCARE provides a next-generation formulation technology platform for the protection of proteins like biopharmaceuticals to allow the development of better products. The proprietary Stabilizing and Protecting Solutions (SPS®) technologies are provided to development projects of partners in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. As different stakeholders have different needs, the SPS® platform is separated into the following three main pillars:

  •    improvement of thermal stability
  •    protection during sterilization
  •    functionalization of medical devices

LEUKOCARE's SPS® technologies improve stability and quality of biologics like antibodies, vaccines etc. in dry and liquid formulation and protect proteins in biologically functionalized medical devices like implants, wound dressings, microneedles etc. during sterilization (by gamma-, beta-irradiation and ethylene oxide).
Beyond, LEUKOCARE supports its partners with related services and know how in order to evaluate and to implement the SPS® technologies in the partnered products:


  •    Establishment of accelerated aging models for stability testing
  •    Development of customized lyophilization protocols
  •    Development of spray drying and spray freeze drying processes
  •    Coupling of biological compounds to functionalize surfaces of medical devices
  •    Conduction of analytics and establishment of biological read outs

LEUKOCARE’s research and development activities are based on its well established and certified quality management system (QM) according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485.

Within the consortium, LEUKOCARE will deliver CTC enrichment modules that will be connected to extracorporeal blood circulation devices in order to enrich sufficient amounts of CTCs from the circulating patient blood. This module has been developed for EpCAM positive CTCs in the CTC Trap EU project coordinated by Leon Terstappen. The module will now be modified to also trap EGFR positive cells by using immobilized functional scaffold protein. The functional surface will be stabilized and protected by SPS®. The modules will be provided to the partners for clinical evaluation.

 LEUKOCARE is a privately owned biotechnology company founded in 2003 and headquartered in Martinsried/Munich, Germany.

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