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Dr. Thomas Krahn


Department Precision Medicine Markers


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Bayer AG has been involved in several projects since the beginning of IMI and initiated this 11th call for proposals: Blood-based biomarker assays for personalized tumor therapy: value of latest circulating biomarkers.

Thomas Schlange is the coordinator of CANCER-ID on behalf of the participating EFPIA member companies. He has previously worked in several collaborative projects at the European level. He was breast cancer WP co-leader of the IMI PREDECT project and participated in the FP7 EPC-TM-Net project on pancreatic cancer stroma. He is a chemist by training (TU Braunschweig, Germany; University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA) and focused his research on signal transduction in embryonic development, later on cancer, angiogenesis and fibrotic disease. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Friedrich-Miescher institute in Basel, Switzerland, before joining Bayer in 2008.

Thomas Krahn holds a Diploma in Biology and Ph. D. with focus on Physiology and Pharmacology. Since 1990, he is an employee of Bayer AG, up to 2001 as lab head in different functions of Cardiovascular Research. Since then he has been head of different departments in research and early development and in 2006 he became Department Head of Translational Medicine / Global Biomarker Research at Bayer Healthcare. Thomas Krahn is currently also Professor at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, giving lectures in Translational Research / Medicine,
He is active in several public private partnerships relevant to “Personalized Medicine” and biomarker like IMI’s SAFE-T, the Emerging Technology Fund “Blood Based Biomarker: Capturing of Rare Cells” and the FP7 Project CanDO.






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