Partner 31 - Orion Corporation (Orion Pharma)

Orion Pharma

Elina Serkkola


Head of Biomarkers

R&D, Development


Phone: +358 50966 2905





Orion Corporation (Orion Pharma)


Orionintie 1a

02200 Espoo




CANCER-ID Team Orion

Olavi Kilkku


Director Biostatistics and Support Functions

Data Mangement, Integretation and Analysis


Phone: +358 50966 7587




Tarja Ikonen


Senior Research Scientist

Biomarker specialist in oncology drug development


Phone: +358 50966 2619


Company presentation

Orion Pharma is a part of Orion Group (, the leading health-care company in Finland, which develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests for global markets. It has launched several new chemical entities to the market, and carries out intensive research with a goal to introduce additional new treatments into global markets. In drug research and development, Orion Pharma R&D focuses on the central nervous system, cancer and critical care, and inhalable Easyhaler® pulmonary drugs. The focus is on early-phase drug development.

Partnerships, collaborations and networking are important for Orion throughout the entire value chain of operations. This is utmost important in biomarker discovery and biomarker assay development field.
Exploratory biomarker research and analyses for characterization and understanding of the patient disease stage and the refinement of the response and the patient subgroup are increasing important research areas in new drug development projects. Orion Pharma Biomarkers team is responsible for the follow up the development of new methodologies, building up expertise and the application of the new research approaches in clinical trials to support the development of the high-quality pharmaceutical innovations.  Explorative biomarker analyses including CTC enumeration, CTC molecular analyses and ctDNA genomic analyses are part of our current research activities in on-going oncology clinical trials. We also follow the exosome research field very closely as a member of the Finnish public-private research project that aims to develop standardized protocols for the isolation of the extracellular vesicles and for the identification of exosome derived biomarkers from prostate cancer samples.

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